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At Nordic Woodwork I specialise in creating contemporary cabinets for your home or commercial business in Weatherford. Mass produced furniture may seem to have taken over of late, but it simply can't match a quality bespoke cabinet maker when it comes to suiting your tastes and styles. I have many years of experience and love working on new challenging projects, so why not give my workshop a call on +18175652285 to discover more about my services.

Commercial Business Projects

Are you a business owner looking to transform the style of your business with some new furniture? If you are, then you’re in luck. I have experience collaborating with businesses to create bespoke furniture in line with the style, ethos and vibe of your business and office. I work together with my clients to discuss the project and craft cabinets that are suited to the staff’s mode of work, as well as providing a great aesthetic touch to the office space.

Bespoke Furniture

I love it when a client comes to us with exciting plans to revitalise their office or home with some of our bespoke furniture. My cabinets are created with a vision in mind to create furniture that fits in perfectly at home or reinforces the company culture by creating a whole new aesthetic for your business. Get in touch if you’re looking to modernise your office today and make your establishment a great place to work.


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